How To Save Money On Your Gas Bill

Posted on: 4 February 2016

Your gas bill is probably one of your biggest utility bills. The gas going to your home helps run your furnace, stove, oven and your water heater. Think about how much hot water you use in a day, how often you run your furnace and how much you cook. You probably use quite a bit of gas, hence the large bill each month. There are ways to help save you money on your gas bill each month though. See below for a few helpful tips to save you a little bit of money. 

Upgrade Your Thermostat

If you still have an old dial thermostat, upgrade it to a more modern digital thermostat and then go a step further to install one that can be programmed. By using a programmable thermostat, you can control the temperature a little better without having to remember to turn it down manually. Program the thermostat to be turned down when you're sleeping, or when you're away during the day or even on vacation.

Caulk Around Doors And Windows

Caulk around your door and window frames both inside and outside to keep cold air out. It doesn't take a lot of skill to do this at all and it can be done in just one day. Also add rubber seals to your doorways or to the bottom of your doors. Over time, these seals can crack or even peel off. Replace them if needed and you'll notice a difference. 

Change Your Air Filter

Changing your air filter often will help keep air circulating properly throughout your home. If you notice your furnace constantly running, be sure to check your air filter. If you hold it up to the light and cannot see any light coming through it, it's time to change it. Replace it with the same size filter, which can be found at most hardware or big box stores.

Make Some Upgrades

  • Furnace.  If you have an older furnace, chances are it isn't energy efficient. Opt to have it replaced with a newer and more energy efficient furnace that uses less electricity and gas.
  • Water Heater. Also look into investing your money in a newer hot water heater that is also more energy efficient. 
  • Windows. Your older windows can be causing you some major heat loss. Investing in new windows can not only give your home some curb appeal, it can save you on your energy bills.
  • Insulation. Add insulation to your attic to help keep heat from escaping up and through the roof of your home. Heat rises, so help keep it in your home by adding a nice thick layer of insulation. 
  • Insulated Curtains. Look for curtains that help insulate your windows. Thick, heavy panels will help keep the cold at bay.
  • Plastic Window Coverings. If new windows are not in the budget, think about covering your windows in plastic during those cold winter months. You can find plastic window coverings at most big box stores or hardware stores.
  • Ceiling Fans. If you don't have ceiling fans in your home, think about adding a few. Ceiling fans can help keep your home cool, but it can also help pull warm air from the ceiling and push it down to help circulate it. 

These are all things you can do to help save you money on your gas bill each month.

For further assistance, contact a local gas company, such as Mills Fuel Service Inc.