FAQs About Having Propane Tanks Refilled

Posted on: 14 September 2022

If you have a propane tank for your grill, a small heater, or another appliance, you will need to have it refilled from time to time. This is a fairly straightforward process once you become familiar with it. But at first, you might have a few questions about having your propane tank refilled. Discover the answers below.

Where can you have a propane tank refilled?

There are lots of options when it comes to propane tank filling. If there is a heating company in your area that fills permanent propane tanks, they may also offer small tank refills at their place of business. These are often the most affordable places to have propane tanks refilled, but they are not always open for a lot of hours. Other places to have propane tanks filled include home improvement stores, landscaping stores, grill supply stores, and outdoor supply stores. Look for signs that say "propane refills" as you drive around; you'll probably see more than you imagined.

What do you do once you arrive at the filling location?

If you're having your tank refilled at an indoor business, go inside and talk to someone at the counter first. Sometimes these stores do not want people bringing propane tanks inside; they may have an outdoor filling station they'll point you towards. If you pull up and see an outdoor filling station, you can generally take your tank right over to it. The employee will refill it for you, which should only take a few minutes.

What is tank exchange?

Some propane filling companies won't fill your tank when you bring it to them. Instead, they will keep your empty tank and send you home with a new one. This allows them to hand out more filled tanks throughout the day. After hours or when business is slow, they will fill all the empty tanks customers brought in.

If you have a specific tank that you really want to keep, then look for a station that immediately refills tanks rather than exchanging them. If you don't mind exchanging tanks, though, these places tend to charge less since they can operate more efficiently.

Hopefully, this article has answered some of the questions you've had about having your propane tanks filled. Once you go to a specific filling location once or twice, you will get a better idea of their process. Then, things will go smoothly every time.

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