New Innovations In Solar Power: What You Should Know

Posted on: 10 March 2015

While most people associatesolar power with alternative roofing options and as a way to make their homes more energy efficient, solar power is not just limited to residential applications. In fact, scientists and innovators are regularly developing new applications for solar power that aim to move all industries toward sustainability. The more sustainable and eco-friendly these industries become, the less the United States and its citizens will need to rely on fossil fuels and unpredictable oil prices, and the more money consumers will be able to save due to lower energy costs. 

Solar Powered Airplanes

As far-fetched as the idea may seem, solar powered airplanes are not just a figment of someone's overactive imagination. In fact, there are two prototypes of solar powered airplanes that have been designed thus far. Each solar plane has built upon new ideas and innovations in the use and storage of solar energy. 

These solar powered planes have even undergone test flights with pilots on board that have been quite promising and successful. While these planes only hold a single pilot currently, the future implications are widespread and varied. One day in the future, commercial cargo or passenger airplanes may be able to operate using solar power. 

Solar Powered Yachts

Yachting is perhaps the ultimate in luxury boating and water travel. And thanks to innovations in recent years, boating enthusiasts who are also environmentally-conscious and concerned can have the best of both worlds—a yacht that uses solar energy to operate. 

Designers in recent years have developed yacht sails that are made from thin, flexible thermal panels that will gather energy to keep systems in the yacht up and running. This can reduce or entirely eliminate the need to use fossil fuels when out to sea, but will not reduce the luxuriousness of your travels. 

Businesses Operating On Solar Power

In addition to solar powered products becoming more readily available on the market and the potential for taking flight on a solar airplane, some businesses are beginning to take the step to move their offices, stores, and factories to solar power. Now that businesses are beginning to realize the need for sustainability, the tides in industry may be turning in an unprecedented direction.

If a business chooses to install solar panels in all of their locations and/or work with solar farming companies to buy solar energy for use in their business operations, the cost of doing business will reduce drastically. Those extra savings by the business can contribute to lower prices for consumers, higher profits, and even job growth, all of which are good for both consumers and the economy.

These new innovations in solar power use and technology are exciting for both businesses and consumers and can lead to even bigger changes in the future. So, keep an eye on these and other solar innovations to continue making your life and buying choices more sustainable.