3 Circumstances When It's Advisable To Repair Your Solar Panel

Posted on: 13 July 2022

Your solar panel converts energy collected from the sun into electricity, powering your residential home. Solar energy can also heat your swimming pool, light your house, or power your water pump. Thus, it is imperative to call an accredited contractor to inspect, maintain, and service it regularly to keep it functional. Nevertheless, since your solar panel is exposed to harsh weather like extreme winds and debris, it might get damaged someday. For instance, falling debris might cause scratches on your solar panel, decreasing its energy output. Loose wiring might also reduce the efficiency of your solar panel. So, you should take immediate action when you notice anything unusual with your solar panel. Here are three circumstances when it's imperative to repair your solar panel.

1. When the Glass of Your Solar Panel Breaks

Although your panel's glass is made from a tough and strong material, it might break when hit by a heavy object. For example, a tree might fall on your solar panel, causing the glass to break. When this happens, unwanted objects like water or dirt might seep through the broken glass, reducing the efficiency of your solar panel. Thus, you should call a skilled contractor to repair your solar panel when you notice this issue. These professionals will fix your panel's broken glass, making it whole again.

2. When Your Solar Panel Begins to Discolor

If you have a solar panel, you should act faster when you notice any signs of discoloration. This issue might occur when your EVA is composed of cheap and low-quality materials. The discoloration might make your solar panel an eyesore or minimize the module power output if overlooked. Therefore, it is imperative to contact an accredited contractor to repair your solar panel when you notice this issue. 

3. When Your Solar Panel Begins to Shut Down Frequently

If your solar panel is functioning properly, it should not shut down unexpectedly. Thus, it must be faulty if you experience frequent shutdowns. Poor installation or wiring might trigger this issue. Manufacturing problems might also cause this issue. If ignored, it might cause your solar panel to stop functioning completely. So, investing in professional solar panel repair is advisable when you experience this issue. These professionals will repair your solar panel, preventing it from shutting down frequently.

A damaged solar panel will not light your residential home or power your heating appliance, causing discomfort. Therefore, it is imperative to call a professional to have it repaired as soon as you notice anything strange. If you have questions about your solar panel, talk to a local professional.